Hi, Gimp Group:  I would like to announce, that at this
moment, I have installed gimp-1.1.27 and when I run it, it
says, gimp-1.1.25.  What's really fun to watch is the
voluminous "can't compile" msgs in the terminal window,
followed by splash screen, and more idiotic fonts than I
ever, ever thought possible!  :)

I've had to move a couple .pm files so far, and wonder
about that, but the big question for me now, is, during
make and make install procedures, the system time was
compared with some other time, and repeated warnings that
the time was modified to a future time, which might
interfere with The Gimp functioning properly.  Is this
critical enough that I should try to reconcile the time
differences, start over, and, if so, does anyone know what
time reports [files] The Gimp installation was comparing? 
Please use your big crayolas for me, as I have only a
newbie grasp of this time thing.  My system clock is 12
hours behind the present time.  To keep it up to date, when
I start my computer, I adjust it in a terminal window by
setting the time with: # date -s 'Mon Oct 16 00:00:00 PDT
2000' for example.  That's the sum total of my knowledge,
folks.  Wish there was more.  Thanks, Tom

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