Where's is the "patch-name.diff" file ? On internet, i've just seen
gimp-1.xx-1.xy.tar.bz2 files (or like that). How to use them ?

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De: Malcolm Tredinnick [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Date: mardi 17 octobre 2000 01:55
Objet: Re: Patching Gimp

On Tue, Oct 17, 2000 at 12:45:53PM +1300, Nigel wrote:
> Is it easy to apply a patch for gimp? With the increased frequency of
> releases, I'm begining to wonder if it would be quicker to apply the patch
> instead of downloading the complete tarball?

Yes, it is easy. Make sure you have the 'patch' utility on your system
(I'd be surprised if you didn't already have it). Download and unzip the
patch. Change into to the directory containing the old gimp source. Then
just run

        patch -p1 < patch-name.diff

(inserting the appropriate patch name). The -p1 tells it to strip off
the first part of the directory name in the patch file, because whoever
made the patch may well have a different dir name than you do.


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