COUTIER Eric wrote:
Where's is the "patch-name.diff" file ? On internet, i've just seen
gimp-1.xx-1.xy.tar.bz2 files (or like that). How to use them ?
Ok, some more details:
1. get gimp-1.xx-1.xy.bz2 file
2. place it into root of your gimp source directory (e.g. ~/work/gimp/)
3. run bunzip2 on it, you'll get "gimp-1.xx-1.xy" file
4. run "patch -p1 < gimp-1.xx-1.xy" command
if it completes successfully, your gimp source is patched. Now you can delete
"gimp-1.xx-1.xy" file and begin to compile source.
Good luck, Alex :)
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