Please help!  Starting with gimp-1.1.25, and repeatable
on 1.1.27, 1.1.28, etc. I cannot get the gimp to run.
The configure,  and make work fine, but when I start the
gimp I get as far as displaying the toolbox and the levels
and channels box, and then the gimp exits with the following

LibGimp-ERROR **: could not find handler for message: 12
** WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read: unexpected EOF

I have gtk+-1.2.8, also the latest gdk libs.  Should I be
using gtk+-1.3, or what?  All the gimps up through 1.1.24 
compile and run just fine, but 1.1.25 onward give me the
startup failure.

Please -- does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this?

System is basically RH 6.1, with the helix gnome 1.2.

Thanks in advance -
--Jeff Trefftzs

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