> you have to have a latest , cutting-edge Linux-kernel (plus lots of           quite
> new config files) to get USB support under Linux.
> its getting there, but its not very easy for an average user
> alan

I've got a Intellimouse Explorer and Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro,
both are USB.  I've got Kernel 2.2.17 (but this works with .15 and .16
too, I've done it)  with a 2.4 backport of USB support. Available @
http://www.suse.cz/development/usb-backport/ There are instructions here
for setup. Wacom's have their own USB driver within the package.  The
patch applied easily to my kernel source, and i compiled it directly in
(I prefer this to using modules in this case).  The Linux USB site was
helpful too, in setting up various settings (the only real work I did
was setting up the device refrence as /dev/input/mice).

Assumably, the Wacom setup should be even easier as it has a usb driver
specifically for it, where as the mouse driver is generic.

Hope that help's, let me know if you want any more info or help.

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