> yes, for you , me and any experience Linux people this isnt difficult, but you take 
>our position for granted.

Good point, I'd not thought of that.

> almost everyone else will have to learn things like recompiling 
> kernels , patching sources etc -

Interestingly, I learned patching and recompiling when I wanted to add
USB support. But boy, its not that fun.  Especially when the Kernel
wouldn't compile right, time after time after time.  It wasn't the USB
support either. it was odd low-level things like softirq.h errors. 
Anyway I'm rambling. 

Adding USB support is a bit of a challange, having done it three times
now, I could do it in my sleep.  For the first timer? I'd wait (unless
you're just really adventurous like me) until kernel 2.4 is stable and
standard in your distro of choice. 

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