Hello everybody,

I've found a tip to hollow out a text (with freetype, it's more simple and
you aren't limited in character size):

1) Make freetype. It's better if you use bigger character
2) Freetype has created a layer with the text in it
3) Right click on this layer and then choose "Alpha to selection"
4) Destroy this layer
5) Move the selection where you want (perhaps in the middle of the image)
using "Alt+Drag"
6) Right click/Select/Save to Channel
7) Right click/Select/shrink. Try different size by using undo.
8) Bucket Fill ("Shift+B"). Make sure the forecolor is black.
9) Fill the selection. The channel has been cut. Now in the channel, you've
the text hollowed out.

If you want to use "Text tool", make that:
0) Text tool
1) Layers/Channel/Path dialog
2) Double-click on floating selection layer then OK to transform it in
.... then now, it's the same game than with freetype


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