OK, I'm sure this is simple, but I spent a couple of hours last night 
trying to figure out how to do it. I also looked in the User Manual, 
but basically I find that pretty close to incomprehensible. 
Experience shows that I understand what it tries to tell me only 
after I've figured it out for myself.

Anyway, here's the simple question:

I have a small layer sitting on top of the stack. I would like to 
"fade" the image contained in that layer, left to right, so that one 
side (the right side) is completely opaque and the other side (the, 
er, left side, I guess) is completely transparent.

So far I figured out that I need to add an alpha channel (which I 
think I've done OK), and then I probably want to put a simple left-
right gradient in that channel, but I'm blowed if I can figure out 
how to edit the alpha channel. It doesn't appear in the list of 
channels on the Layers, Channels, Paths dialogue, but I'm pretty sure 
that I've created it OK.

So how do I get the alpha channel visible so that I can edit it?

Thanks so much for any help. And remember, I'm a newbie so please be 
nice to me.

  Doc Evans

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