Your post had me confused for a while, although you wrote 'colour selection
dialog' I actually interpreted it as the 'palette dialog'...duh!. And
therein lies the answer to your problem.

The gimp allows you to store a 'charter' as you call it, in the 'palette
dialog'. You can drag and drop selected colours from the tool box or colour
selection dialog to a new palette where it will be saved.

As far as I am aware there is no way to associate a palette with an image,
but it will always be there until you decide to delete it.

>Subject: color palette in context of graphical charter

> In "color selection" dialog, there's a watermark tab that permit to store
> diffents colors. It's very intersting to preserve a graphical charter. Is
> there a possibility to save this "palette" of color in a file. Because,
> you quit The GIMP, these palette is cleared.

> The "top" (as we say in France) should be that this palette should be
> in the xcf file.
> Regards.

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