Dennis Kent wrote:
> Canon BJC 610.  There are no drivers in CUPS or
> Gimp-Print for any Canons older than BJC 1000.  Has
> anybody had any experience with this?  It prints a
> gimp-print header with some settings and then pages
> and pages full of s8W-! .  I can clear the print queue
> and power the printer on and off a couple of times and
> they still keep coming.
> Anyone have any ideas?
I'm using Slackware 7.1 with Gimp 1.1.28 and I can print fine with my
BJC 250.
However I setup system print services with the program apsfilter
(  I don't know what effect this may have on printing
and gimp (and I don't know if Mandrake uses a BSD-like print setup.),
but you may want to try apsfilter.  

Hope this provides some help.  (and I'm sorry if it doesn't)

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