I don t know if it will help but I had the same effect when choosing the 
effective driver for an hp but did not select the print as ghoscript option
as i write this i realise there isn t such options anymore with "cups inside"
it was for mandrake 71
I had not that kind of trouble with cups
maybe you should try the mandrake user forum and the muo site which have some 
good tutorials on cups
http://www.mandrakeforum.com/article.php3?sid=20001129095531 (faq 5 so 4 more 
over there)


On Monday 04 December 2000 17:38, you wrote:
> Dennis Kent wrote:
> > Canon BJC 610.  There are no drivers in CUPS or
> > Gimp-Print for any Canons older than BJC 1000.  Has
> > anybody had any experience with this?  It prints a
> > gimp-print header with some settings and then pages
> > and pages full of s8W-! .  I can clear the print queue
> > and power the printer on and off a couple of times and
> > they still keep coming.
> >
> > Anyone have any ideas?

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