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| Koos Pol wrote:
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|  >I have checked the script-fu, but could not find the script I needed. So
|  >maybe one of you can offer some help.
|  >
|  >I woulk like to have all our intranet pages to have the same sort of banner
|  >on the top of the page.
|  ..snip
|  >I have created a default background for this (600 x 50) and now I would like
|  >to type some text ("Nice page!") and have this *centered* on this background.
|  >
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|  >From: Bela Balogh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
|  >Subject: Re: Need a little help with creating a dynamic "text" banner
|  >Have you tried the Xtns/Script-fu/Logos/Basic I ? It creates a similar
|  >banner that you would like.
|       Sounds like this is an HTML problem - - i.e. either make the
|  banner image with text included (as Bela's suggestion to use scrpt-fu
|  Logos) and then use HTML to *center* the whole image.
|  Or, use the background as a background image with heading text 'floating'
|  over it on the page. This would allow more "dynamic" possibilities for the 
|  text (colors, moving, flashing [yech!], etc.) and would let the banner fit 
|  across different monitors/resolutions and still look the same.
|  just my $0.02

Thanks for all your input folks. I think I have found a way to do it really
dynamically: I found the Perl script examples in the 'examples' directory,
and although I am not a programmer the scripts looked clearifying enough.
What I did: I used the basic-logo script, opened an existing image (my
background image) instead of creating a new one and added my text. And that
seems to work well. I haven't figured out how to automate things yet, but I
hope that that is a matter of time.

Thanks again for all your suggestions!
Koos Pol
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