Manish Singh wrote:

> It's finally here: GIMP 1.2. The Hadjaha Release.
> Go. Indulge yourself. In myriad ways. The GIMP is waiting.
> -Yosh

wow talk about timing I'm THERE already :))!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to a WONDERFUL program.........i just started using it to get my
xmas card out and I must say how impressed I was a joy to
use after of course I got "used" to it overall.........

gotta love open source this is great stuff guys/gals? :))

i'm eager to contriubute myself although in the field of multi-track give back will be nice...!!

merry christmas!!!!!!!!!! and I offer this page that the gimp helped me
create and ENJOY :-)!!!!!!!

then click on "merry christmas" and click go ........then enjoy the
efforts of me and gimp :)


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