> It's finally here: GIMP 1.2. The Hadjaha Release.

Merry Christmas!!  Great Christmas present for Friends of Wilber & Company.

I've got a question:  can anyone tell me what the story is with Guash?

I'm running a dual boot system (aren't we all...<grin>) with w98se and
Mdk7.1, and so have the Gimp on both systems.  As I have an old UMAX 1200S
w/fauxSCSI, I use the twain app with the Windoz Gimp 1.1.28, which has the
Guash, dunno whether earlier versions did.  Very convenient and useful.

Didn't have occasion to look for it in the linux version, even though I've
puttered around with several versions, but I did notice it was not there in
1.1.30.  I guess I assumed it would be there in 1.2.0, but it's not.  So now
I'm curious, what's the situation?  I know there's been some discussion, but
I suppose I'm asking for current plans, views, etc.

I didn't have a couple of things that the configure file looked for, one of
which was the Perl include (the other was the gtkxhtml which means I have no
help file...).  Is that why I don't have Guash?  If so, I'll round up all
that stuff and recompile 1.2.0, 'cause it's a neat thing to have.

Also, I don't know whether it's just me, but it certainly seems that the
last few patches have made the Gimp noticeably faster.  In any case, it's

Thanks in advance,

Bill Tallman

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