> On 27 Dec, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > You know since you take time to answer my posts, I might as well too.
> > Compared to your "limited" 64k how does 9600 that disconnects every 5
> > minutes sound to you?  And the fact that downloading something like a
> > full gimp 1.2.0 would take close to 2 or 3 hours?  And the fact that
> > those 2-3 hours would cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 PLUS
> > telephone charges?  Now go think again.

1. Why is your internet connection so slow???? I know a lot of people in Japan,
they have all got nice connections.  Are you poor?
2. Even if you pay $100, I think it's still damn cheap compared to Photoshop. I
used to use Photoshop. But why??? For web design, only the gimp's text
tool(including Gdyn Text IMHO) is poor compared to
Photoshop. The scriptibililty and multi-threading is very nice. Both apps have
the basics.  
3. Your further posts were imature. Grow up.
4. I agree a patch would have been cooler and I didn't like it myself. But I
must admit that I didn't know Gimp is available via CVS. Great! Who cares about
patches when CVS is available? 
5. How do you update X?
6. Dear Mr. Timecop, grown ups post with real life names...

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