On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Carol Spears wrote:

> She compared the gimps histogram with adopees and they were very
> different.  Unfortunately, she doesn't know how to get a screenshot from
> her powerfully expensive program so I am unable to make the same visual
> comparison.

Tell her to hit the "print screen" key then [crtl]+[n] for a new image and
[ctrl]+[v] to paste the screenshot into the new image.

Print Screen Key!  heh.

Are the hisograms radically different?  Here is another fun
experiment...  Open a photo in Gimp and do a grab of the histogram.

Now open the same image in Photoshop and do a grab.  

Return to Gimp and open the image again... how does the hist look now?

Its always been a theory of mine that photoshop does a clandestine save
when you first open an image.  (but you didn't hear that from me)

Just use the gimp and forget about photoshop.  :-)  Photoshop does not
have a Wilbur.  (Its got that creepy eye)
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