Tom Cooper wrote:
> The suggestion for 'colormap rotation' was not available, (greyed-out on
> my installation of 1.126) and the suggestion to use the dodge/burn tool
> isn't clear enough about how to do this.  I looked in the reference
> manual, and cannot find information about dodge/burn.

When a filter is grayed out as an option it means that your file isn't
in the right format.  Check to see if you have an alpha channel or not
(Image>Alpha>Add Alpha if Add Alpha is gray, you have it).  

Try it with alpha (add alpha) and with out (Layers>Flatten Image). 
Other filters need only one layer or will only work on the bottom
layer.  As you get to know the filters, you get to know what they want.

> I know using the Gimp to remove redeye from a photo is like using an 18
> wheeler to move a single 2x4 across the street, but I'd like to be able
> to do it.

The last time I took out red eye, I zoomed in to 400% and used the color
picker and did it pixil by pixil.  It was fine, but not great.  My
people looked alittle cross eyed, so be careful with the light spot.

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