Kate McMillan wrote:
>Very simple. http://www.katewerk.com/images/pissoff3_animate.gif
>Question is this - I would like to add some more color, now that my first
>little experiment is a success. But I cannot seem to figure out how to go
>back into the layers to bring them up for editing?
>I must be missing something obvious.
>(like rtfm.)

        Yeah, I guess so - -                8->

        or rather,   http://gimp-savvy.com/BOOK/   Section 9.1

                9.1.1 Using GIF Files for Animation 
                9.1.2 GIMP Layers Can Behave Like Animation Frames 
                9.1.3 Saving Animations to GIF 
                9.1.4 A Second Example of Creating a GIF Animation 
                9.1.5 Animation Optimization 
                9.1.6 IWarp 

        I believe you can disassemble/reassemble animated Gifs, (with
        various Windoze software) but it looks like it would be a lot
        more fun to work with Gimp layers (check out the transparency stuff)

        Your pissoff file is a Gif, so there's no way to get it back to
        the original Gimp native format if you didn't save a copy of the
        file in .XCF before converting/saving as Gif because:

        "... This is the only format that can save all the GIMP features
        and states when working on a project. If your image contains multiple
        layers, channels, selections, or paths, you must save using the XCF
        format to avoid losing parts of your work."  (from Section 9.2)

        Happy Gimping, happy reading,   get that dog housebroken, eh.



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