Kate -

I just loaded your animated gif into the Gimp (1.2).  All the 
are there.  Just look at the Layers & Channels dialog box.  You 
get at each layer individually.

To view a single layer, turn off (by clicking) the eye icon next 
to the
layers you *don't* wish to see.  Click on the layer name to 
select it as
the active layer and you can then work with it.

Your best sources of information are

        1.  Grokking the Gimp:

        2.  The Gimp User Manual

To find them, go to the Xtns menu of the Gimp, select Web 
Browser, and
hey presto, there are built-in links to the manual and Grokking 
the Gimp,
along with other useful sites.

Hope this helps,

--Jeff T

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