Sorry for inconvinience, I think, it's problem with my poor english...

> I don't know about ee, is it a kde program?

ee -- "electric eyes" -- is one of the image viewers for Linux.

> Right now, my xloadimage and gimp can't read xpm format images.  It
> isn't their fault, I have updated the libraries.  Is there a way to
> check to see what image formats that kde can read (xloadimage had a
> handy ``--supported'' option).  Maybe you will have to add the xpm
> format to your kde supported images.  I don't use kde.

My problem is rather opposite:
kde uses xpm images for desctop icons and it works good. But, when I try
to edit some icon with the gimp, kde stops to read it :( (but many other
viewers and gimp itself work with it good).
My question was: does kde has some additional restriction on xpm format,
sorta... ?
By the way, gimp 1.0.x works with kde good.


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