On Thu, 08 Feb 2001 20:52:48 Roel Vanhout wrote:
> describing images in svg doesn't seem to be a good
> idea imho. Not that I'm a Gimp developer or anything :-)

Having SVG support in gimp would be realy useful (for me any way) as
generally I use gimp to combine logos (which are SVG) with bitbaps to make
graphics for webpages. It is a real pain to do at the moment as the SVG
needs to exported to a bitmap which means that if the logo is changed then
the whole image needs to be changed. 

What has been a dream of mine is a SVG plugin like the dynamic text one so
that the rest of gimp can treat it as a bitmap but if you click on it then
you get the SVG editing tools up and can treat it as a SVG.

Having a seperate program for vector and raster graphics is a pain as 9
times out of 10 I want to combine them. 

It would also mean you could import and export paths. 


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