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> Ardour is poor and there were lots of DAWs being developed on Linux
> (probably still are but I don't look into it any more). Paul at Ardour is
> arrogant. It doesn't matter if he is funded.

Since on these issues you apparently are the only arbiter on what
determines the success (or not) of software I am going to stop
considering your viewpoint, since something like an productive exchange
seems impossible.

I strongly suspect that we're not going to resolve your issues here and
I doubt that your style of arguing will help in interesting developers
in your issues. Speaking for me as a long-term-although-not-as-active-as-i-
would-like-developer of GIMP I can attest that I certainly have no
interest in pursuing this discussion.

Feel free to stick to your opinion, feel free to put me in your
"arrogant" camp and lets hope that at some point you'll succeed in
finding your software ecosystem adjusted to your needs.

Have a good time.

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