On Thu, Jun 20, 2013 at 10:29 PM, Stephen Kiel wrote:
> Gimp Doc Guys,
> One of the listed methods to contribute to the Gimp project, listed on the
> website, is to write a tutorial.  I tried sending in a tutorial for basic
> scripting (it was probably too long) about a year and a half ago.  I did not
> hear back, but since the scripting tutorial did make some improvements I
> hope that it did have some positive contribution.

Eeek, I completely missed that. Do you think you could reupload it?
The link isn't working anymore. Or does the new series supercede it?

> I did have another area where I thought that a few tutorials might be of
> interest and helpful to others, and that is in the area of Automation.  This
> is an area that is nearer to my interests anyway (closer to my career
> interests).  I think Gimp is unique in its capability as a platform for
> automating the image editing process.  I am talking about Automating the
> process of custom edits not just using an "I feel lucky" button on a photo
> manager.
> I think there is room in the area of automation for a couple of tutorials, I
> wrote up an example for one (importing a directory of images / jpg -> xcf).
> I think other tutorials could cover reading & writing parasites, parasites
> as flow control variables, how to build & execute a recipe / process / flow.
> I touched on these possibilities in the included file "Introduction".
> Anyway, here is my dilemma. I would be happy to write a draft for tutorials
> on some or all of these topics, or better yet, co-author them with a
> member(s) of the gimp-doc team.  I have no where to publish a tutorial, and
> it seems pointless to write something that no one will read.
> Take a look at the attached documents and scripts. Let me know if this idea
> is something that sounds interesting. The *.odt format files are open office
> writer format.

I think it's useful. Automating could be a dedicated section.

We can host that on gimp.org. There's another person currently
interested in contributing tutorials, so it looks like we are getting
a team for ourselves :)

Alexandre Prokoudine
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