Dear Gimp team,

We've seen that you recently left SourceForge because of their abusive
practices (improper ads and software bundling) which we think are
incompatible with Free Software.

I'm Ludovic, member of the VideoLAN development team and we took the
exact same decision back in May this year after getting a lot of user
complaints about SF ads. In April while we still were hosted at SF we
started to build our own file distribution network for VLC and we're
quite happy with it since. These days it sustains more than 2M downloads
per day with ~50 mirrors. We achieved that using a geographic download
redirector called MirrorBrain that transparently selects the best mirror
for a given user. We're also working on our own redirector written in Go
in order to replace Mirrorbrain because the latter does not completely
suit our needs.

Since our infrastructure is fairly stable we wondered if you would be
interested to use our current infrastructure to distribute Gimp binaries
now that you leaved SF. Of course VideoLAN would bear all the costs for you.

As you might have seen we put an ad on our own download page to pay for
the servers but to be clear: this is _not_ a requirement for you. But if
you're interested we could setup a similar download page for Gimp so you
can earn few bucks too.

Let us know if you are interested.

Best regards,

Ludovic Fauvet
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