On  17.7.2014 at 3:33 AM Michael Schumacher wrote:

The point of the testing branch - built automatically to
http://testing.gimp.org every five minutes - is to be able to view
changes online and fast and not touch the production environment, that
is http://www.gimp.org
So this is really just to address the challenges of "I want to see my
change without having a full gimp-web build setup locally" and "what
happens if I change this, will it break www.gimp.org?".

A good idea.

As such. moving any change from the testing branch to the master branch
- built to http://www.gimp.org every 15 minutes - is just a merge from
the testing to the master branch.

However, something is failing here. Three days ago I pushed a correction
to the testing branch. They and Pats commit 10 hours ago are not in
the master branch yet.

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