On Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 4:44 PM, Rebecca Roxy Maas wrote:
> Greetings to the Gimp Team,
> I am the Community Manager for 
> i.materialise<http://i.materialise.com/blog/entry/greetings-from-roxy-your-new-community-manager>,
>  consumer branch of the largest 3D printing company in Europe.
> I am also a longterm Gimp user. I often recommend it to our customers.
> I'd like to write a tutorial about Gimp for our blog.
> Topic: How to draw a texture on Gimp, place it onto a 3D design, and print it 
> out in full color.
> To get this tutorial topic approved, I need to work with one of your team 
> members for accuracy, etc.
> Who do I talk to?

Hi Rebecca,

Glad to you here you are up to featuring GIMP in your tutorial. The
kind of person you need greatly depends on the kind of input you need.

For general checking anyone around here could be helpful. However, if
you need someone with a lot of experience with 3D modeling/printing, I
could try to introduce you to a few people who have hands-on
experience with GIMP as well.

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