So I am hot and heavy on the redesign stuff for WGO right now.

I'd like to ask for some feedback from everyone on a couple of points.

1. Is the product vision (
still an accurate representation of the project to our core users?  To
reiterate, the points were:

A. High-end photo manipulation
B. Creating original art.
C. Production (graphical design elements)
D. Programming algorithms

The value + traits were defined as:

A. control
B. freedom to create
C. speed, speed, speed.

Are these things still true?  I realize it's over 9 years old now since the
vision briefing was conducted.  Please let me know if I should continue to
follow these principles/vision when generating copy for the new page.  If
not - please suggest a path forward to finding/defining this information.

2. I have a list of old URL's that I have been slowly working through to
port the old site over to the new infrastructure.  The problem is that much
of the old site seems out of date, scattered, and possibly deprecated.  I
plan on going through things and organizing it better (and hopefully
presenting it better as well).  For now, if anyone can have a look at the
list and provide some feedback about appropriateness (even just saying -
don't waste your time on these, definitely re-write those, and maybe
combine all of these...).

Thanks everyone!

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