On Fri, Aug 14, 2015 at 12:25 AM, Pat David wrote:
> So I am hot and heavy on the redesign stuff for WGO right now.


> I'd like to ask for some feedback from everyone on a couple of points.
> 1. Is the product vision (http://gui.gimp.org/index.php/Vision_briefing)
> still an accurate representation of the project to our core users?  To
> reiterate, the points were:
> A. High-end photo manipulation
> B. Creating original art.
> C. Production (graphical design elements)
> D. Programming algorithms

Well, I keep hearing complaints that tasks relevant to desktop
publishing (strictly in terms of GIMP being a better companion to e.g.
Scribus) are not specifically mentioned in the product vision. Other
than that, it still seems valid.

> 2. I have a list of old URL's that I have been slowly working through to
> port the old site over to the new infrastructure.  The problem is that much
> of the old site seems out of date, scattered, and possibly deprecated.  I
> plan on going through things and organizing it better (and hopefully
> presenting it better as well).  For now, if anyone can have a look at the
> list and provide some feedback about appropriateness (even just saying -
> don't waste your time on these, definitely re-write those, and maybe
> combine all of these...).
> http://static.gimp.org/about/meta/file-list.html

Personally, I'm unsure whether we really, really need the splash
screens gallery.

http://www.gimp.org/announcements/open-usability-gimp.html is
something that needs to go to the News section, same as all news items
that are currently only accessible via admin interface.

http://www.gimp.org/bugs/why_bugzilla.html -- I guess there used to be
some controversy back then, otherwise someone wouldn't spend time
writing this, but I'm not sure if it's of value now.

bugzilla and submit-patch howtos should be somewhere in th Contribute
section of the new website or something.

http://www.gimp.org/contest/index.html isn't required anymore, IMO.

http://www.gimp.org/links/org.html is full of dead links. I'd say,
clean up and make it part of a sitemap page.

http://www.gimp.org/programmatic/admin/howto.html and other
programmatic pages are dead.

http://www.gimp.org/unix/howtos/tile_cache.html might need a technical
review from someone like mitch or pippin.

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