Hey all,

I thought I'd write a little more substantial message now that I have
some time to do so. I bought a GINA last fall, shortly after they
started shipping. I've been using it with Cubase mostly, and getting
good results. I also hooked my Soundblaster AWE32 via the SP/DIF port
up to the GINA so I can directly record my MIDI instruments. It's a
good poor-mans solution. I've made a few songs and put them up on my


Of note are 'No Such Tango', and 'Hope'. Hope was recorded directly
from the AWE32. And Tango was done mainly through an Ensoniq DP/4
directly hooked into the GINA with some AWE32 stuff overlayed.

So far, things have worked quite well. Anyone else using Cubase? Have
you found a golden set of ASIO parameters yet? I'm still looking for
something that won't chop under heavy usage. About the best I can
figure is 5 buffers of 4096. But I've done 2 buffers of 2048 and that
worked. But not terribly smoothly. Good for low latency effect

Well, I gotta run again. Too many kids around the house. :)


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