I tried to get something rolling twice. My first question was ignored.
This one did not have the answer I had hoped for. I wanted to write a
driver for Linux, or learn more about programming for the built in DSP
on the Gina.


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At this point in time we are not issuing developer's specifications.  We
do plan on posting a developer's kit on our webpage in the future but I
do not have a set date for when this will take place.  Please keep
posted to our webpage www.event1.com for future updates.

Thank you for your patience
Martin Bradley
Event Electronics

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        I am a developer and would like to be put in touch with someone
        might be able to help me with writing software that directly
        the GINA card. I am insterested in working with the DSP. But I'd
        like to talk to them about possibly developing a Driver for
Linux for
        the GINA cards.

        Please forward this message on to someone who might be able to
talk to
        me about this.

        I'm willing to sign non-disclosure.

        Thanks in advance.


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