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>       I want to share some experiences in the use of both soundcards when
>connected thru S/PDIF. As a matter of fact I'm having some little problems
>due to the 48kHZ issue, since I slaved my GINA with the S/PDIF out clock
>generated by SBLive! to avoid clicks and pops and to use the probably
>better <g> GINA DA convertes, every audio I try to play in the GINA goes
>slower because of the conversion made by the SBLive! :( It is important to
>me that SBlive! can generate a clock @ 44.1kHz since almost every audio
>will go at last to a CD or to a friend's card wich is capable of 44.1kHz :)

Well Gustavo, my big piece of advice is to dump the creatie labs device.  I
know it has some advantages, but ultimately a SB16 in the same system of a
Gina or other half to full professional oriented audio card often causes

I had a helvu time trying to get the AWE64Gold to work with my Gina, or
should I say my gina to work with the AWE, so i dumped the AWE and things
are better.  I do know however there are synch problems with the gina spdif
out clock, as i tried to hook a gina up to a number of different spdif in's
and actually that result worked well, until yesterday when the spdif from
gina stopped working with cubase, yet it works with wavelab.  just happened
out of the blue.

anyway, when i go spdif in on the gina i get the occasional click i know
should not be there.  some units interact worse than others.  i know little
about the clock and all that, but i do know that i am getting an acceptable
s/n ratio with the analog in and analog out gina lines.

-john pemble

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