>Well Gustavo, my big piece of advice is to dump the creatie labs device.  I
>know it has some advantages, but ultimately a SB16 in the same system of a
>Gina or other half to full professional oriented audio card often causes

        It hasn't to be this way... a SBLive! isn't a SB16, we are talking about a
processor, 32 Mb for sample memory, 64 hardware voices, 32 Direct3D voices, 32
midi channels, two midi ports... so its the most cheap sampler I know :)

>I had a helvu time trying to get the AWE64Gold to work with my Gina, or
>should I say my gina to work with the AWE, so i dumped the AWE and things
>are better.

        I had an AWE32 working together with my GINA with absolutely no problems
at all... I changed the AWE32 for a SBlive because of the new features it has
(PCI, DPS EEProm upgradeable, EMU10K) Sometimes is the user the one to
dump, not the hardware :)))

> I do know however there are synch problems with the gina spdif
>out clock, as i tried to hook a gina up to a number of different spdif in's
>and actually that result worked well, until yesterday when the spdif from
>gina stopped working with cubase, yet it works with wavelab.  just happened
>out of the blue.
>anyway, when i go spdif in on the gina i get the occasional click i know
>should not be there.  some units interact worse than others.  i know little
>about the clock and all that, but i do know that i am getting an acceptable
>s/n ratio with the analog in and analog out gina lines.

        I have no clicks at all on my GINA locked to the SPDIF out of the Live! the
only thing that I dont like is the fact that the SBLive! out is locked @ 48kHz
so when GINA tries to play a 44.1 WAV when locked to the Live! the resultant
pitch is wrong, you must disable the SPDIF clock to hear it fine again :)

>-john pemble
>>SodA - Gustavo Ruiz

SodA - Gustavo Ruiz

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