Hi All, especially Graham,

I've tested the 3.08 drivers out to determine if the off-by-one SP/DIF sampling
problem is happening, and I was unable to reproduce the problem. I use my SB
AWE32 to generate a mono signal onto each stereo channel, and put the two waves
together in Cooledit and took a look at the samples. They both looked
identical. Maybe my recording procedure was flawed, I don't have any other
SP/DIF devices.

I have noticed that the 3.08 drivers have higher output levels than before. If
I set the output to '0' in the console for the 1/2 output, I can easily cause
GINA to clip. So I've set it to output at a lower level, which seems to work.
I've also been having a hard time finding good output levels in Cubase, stuff
that doesn't clip on output to the GINA seems to clip when writing to a disk
file. It never used to do that before. I'll have to figure out why.

Otherwise it's business as usual.


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