As a collector of shellac 78r.p.m. records, I took great delight in being able to use my computer to remove clicks, scratches, surface noice, etc, with the aid of audio restoration software such as Dart and Sound Laundry (by Algorithmix). I was using a Creative Labs awe32 card with acceptable results though nowhere near the quality of the Event Gina card which I have just bought and installed.
Everything appeared to be fine with it. I'm able to use full duplex multitrack record and simultaniously play back. BUT, when I try to use the REAL TIME functions on Sound Laundry and DART (i.e. not writing to a file before being able to listen to the results), the audio is muted and on occasions, the computer freezes and re-starts.
There are no apparent hardware or software conflicts, and if the SB AWE32 works with these programs, surely the Gina should?
I have an ABIT BH6 motherboard with PCI 2.1 compatability set within the system bios set-up, and it's not my video card since I've tried two without any improvement.
I've formatted my hd and re-loaded Win98 and then just the Gina driver and the Sound Laundry program. I've tried every conceivable setting on the Gina mixer and extra settings in the control panel.
At this stage, I'm beginning to think it is one of two things. Either the BH6 motherboard is incompatable with the gina (inspite of all the commonlly used functions working), or my gina card itself is faulty. I'm sure there are people using the gina with a bh6 board, and so it would be interesting to find out if anyone has experienced similar problems.
Bear in mind again that I CAN multitrack, but I can't listen to the results of sliding faders for de-clicking, de-noising, etc in REAL TIME. The soundblaster works fine and I can literally listen to 78 r.p.m. records and adjust noise removal parameters while the record is playing without ever creating a file. The Gina won't let me do this.
I'd appreciate your help. thanks in advance.
Tim Huskisson

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