Sure.. there will be a revised version of gRouter this weekend.
We have several bugs that need attention.

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I say we wait for the changes to gRouter, which I believe will be done
this weekend?
We can then do the migration on monday and help people reinstall
during the tutorial.

On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 7:49 PM, Daniel Ng, Mr <>
> In my current setup, I’ve allowed Router-Switch connections and adjusted
> some code accordingly.  I can successfully create the triple router on one
> subnet with a switch topology, and I added a UML as a target to each of
> routers.  Each of these UMLs can ping each other fine, but they can only
> ping the router IPs of interfaces connecting to UMLs, not the ones
> to the switch.  Additionally, I tried adding a UML to that same switch
> connecting the 3 routers, and none of the other machines can reach that
> one.
> I can commit what I have, but I would prefer that we migrate /devel to
> /stable first so that we can experiment more with the new connection rule.
> Are we ready to migrate yet?
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