Temporary fix to avoid this issue:

Open bottom left UML first, then the top right (UML 10 then 1, or UML 20
then 2).

-- Imad

On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 9:00 PM, Imad Gharazeddine <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> When I setup the network as in the figure in the assignment, i am unable to
> interact with the hosts (double click them).
> This is the case for only a subset of the hosts. Specially, the upper left
> and lower right hosts (see figure in assignment).
> Interestingly: When i stop the host in question, and double click (which
> successfully opens the interaction console BUT for the wrong host (!! see
> below for possible explanation !!), then reboot, the console remains open.
> We've reinstalled gini and updated to the latest 1.05 version. We re-did
> our network topology, and still no luck.
> *Check below (and see attatched image) for possible suspect:*
> It seems that if i rename the bottom right machine to UML_20, and restart
> the network, the same problem is encountered BUT with different hosts not
> being able to launch a console. I believe this bug is related to parsing the
> String name of the host when a host is double clicked
> *Before: the bottom right machine was called UML_10:*
> This resulted in us not being able to open a console for UML_1 and UML_10
> (except when one was Stopped, double clicked, then rebooted). Also note that
> when this sequence of events was done, an "ifconfig" on UML_1 resulted in
> the IPv4 address of UML_10 to be displayed in the console = a clear
> indication that UML_10 console was being opened when UML_1 was double
> clicked.
> *
> After: the bottom right machine was called UML_20:*
> The same problem occured, but the problematic relation shifted to
> UML_2/UML_20 pair instead of UML_1/UML_10 pair of hosts.
> Maybe this can help speed up the location of the bug? Hope it helps.
> -- Imad
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