In the $GINI_HOME/data directory on the server, there should be directories 
corresponding to the elements that run in a topology.  Try removing all of them 
and then trying to start the topology again.  Note that this will delete any 
changes you made to the UMLs, such as your DNS changes, but I do not believe 
you'll be needing those for any of the next assignments.

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Sanket Manjul Joshipura
Sent: October 24, 2009 7:10 PM
Subject: [gini] UML problems


We made changes to the code for adding the UDP stuff and compiled it 
successfully, but now when we try to run any topology the UMLs don't start  
(the routers start off successfully) - they show the red lights and the Task 
Manager shows them as 'dead'. What is the possible reason for this?

If I try to restart the machines, then also it doesn't work.


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