Since GoldenOrb was released this past summer, a number of people have asked 
questions regarding scalability and performance testing, as well as a 
comparison of these results with those of Giraph ( ), so I went forward with running tests to 
help answer some of these questions.

A full report of the scalability testing results, along with methodology 
details, relevant information regarding testing and analysis, links to data 
points for Pregel and Giraph, scalability testing references, and background 
mathematics, can be found here:

Since this data will also be of interest to the Giraph community (for 
methodology, background references, and analysis reasons), I am cross posting 
to the Giraph user mailing list.

A synopsis of the scalability results for GoldenOrb, and comparison data points 
for Giraph and Google's Pregel framework are provided below. 

The setup and execution of GoldenOrb scalability tests were conducted by three 
former Ravel ( ) developers, including myself, with 
extensive knowledge of the GoldenOrb code base and optimal system 
configurations, ensuring the most optimal settings were used for scalability 



Pregel (at least): 166,666,667 vertices per node. 

Giraph (at least): 1,666,667 vertices per worker. 

GoldenOrb: ~ 100,000 vertices per node, 33,333 vertices per worker. 

Note: Optimal parallelization corresponds to the minimum value -1.0. Deviation 
from the minimum possible value of -1.0 corresponds to non-optimal 

Pregel: -0.924 (1 billion total vertices) 

Giraph: -0.934 (250 Million total vertices) 

GoldenOrb: -0.031 Average, -0.631 Best (100000 total vertices), 0.020 Worst 
(1000 total vertices) 

Note: Optimal weak scalability corresponds to the value 0.0. Deviation from the 
optimal value of 0.0, corresponds to non-optimal usage of computational 
resources as managed by the framework.

Pregel: No Data Available 

Giraph: 0.01 (1,666,667 vertices per worker) 

GoldenOrb: 0.37 Average, 0.23 Best (500 vertices per node), 0.48 Worst (12500 
vertices per node) 

I hope this answers some of the many questions which have been posted regarding 
scalability and performance. Be sure to check out the full scalability testing 
report at  Please let me 
know if you have any questions.


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