I thought it was a made-up creature, but I just googled & found
out that a puggle is a baby platypus or echidna & the one I had
looks just like the picture of the baby echidna at

Can't believe I didn't know this before!
The bag it comes in is for the hole in the ground where it lives.
(feeling very ignorant. I'm an Ozzie.  I should have known this!)


What is a Puggle ???????????

On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 12:45:22 +1030, Jo Robins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
OK, I know it's not as bad as saying goodbye to a live animal,
but I had to throw out my Puggle today which I have had since
I was about 12 (I'm now 40!).  It has been sitting on my chest
of drawers, looking cheekily and cheerily out at me for many,
many moons.  Today I noticed a hole in it's bag and further
investigation led to the discovery of little beetles that have slowly
been eating at it and making it full of holes.  It was also covered
(inside the bag) with little white bits which look horribly like
flea eggs so I assume they are beetle eggs - thousands of 'em.
Poor Puggle had to go.
(feeling sad and not sure what to replace him with.  I liked my
puggle!  It was navy blue with a bright green bag.)

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