Debra asked: 

<<<He is trying to remember
a song (being in desperate need of a party piece!) which he heard in the
early 1980s.  It was a spoof folk ballad sort of thing about a knight going
off to the wars and leaving his wife in a chastity belt, and it consisted
mainly of Spoonerisms. He thinks. The fact that he thought it hilarious in
1981 is no guarantee that it has stood the test of time so we apologise in
advance if it turns out to be offensively un PC.  In which case it is
probably better unresurrected.>>>

Bastity chelt, nonny nonny, bastity chelt, nonny nonny... Yep, I think this is 
by Jake Thackery, I used to have it on tape but I don't know where to get it on 
CD and a quick google hasn't been much use. Determined googling would probably 
yield more results. I don't think it's dreadfully offensive on the PC front, 
but it's a bit rude. And when it comes to Jake Thackery I think I prefer the 
one about the tortoises - crunchy pies. 

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