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>Any suggestions for next weekend please?

There are two or three in Margaret's Buildings (or it may be St Margaret,
can't remember).  Despite the name, it is actually a street, not just a
building, but it is a pedestrian zone.  It is the next-to-last or last
street on the right before you get to Royal Crescent if coming from the
direction of The Circus.  One of these (at the far end) has books from
several different booksellers all on the same premises.  One has started
specialising in prints and has fewer books than formerly.

If you are interested in the architecture, the best short guide I know is
the guidebook from the Building of Bath Museum in the Countess of
Huntingdon's Chapel, which is fascinating, and outlines the development of
Georgian Bath very clearly in term of styles and building patterns, with
lots of illustrations so you can identify the differences in what you are
looking at!  All sorts of interesting detail about masons and carpenters and
architects, sources of stone etc.


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