Sorry folks, I had forgotten about some facts I had mentioned in that post
(sparked by the Pullman quote I posted) and erroneously said I had not stated
the facts.  

Here are some websites to support the statements I made about liberals not
engaging in certain possibly unconstitutional behaviors, where others had. 

I know that our purpose here at GO is not to engage in protracted political
diatribes, but I misspoke here, and wanted to correct that.

I don't have the message I wrote, and no longer have it, but if there is
anything else needing corroboration, please let me know and I'll provide it.  

Thanks for everyone's patiences as I try to get the hornets back into their

Bush-backers-only policy riles voters at RNC rallies

Some Democrats seeking Cheney tickets had to sign oath

Penning Protesters:
Are Police-Imposed "Free Speech Zones" and Cages at Conventions Constitutional?
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