Some people just seem to have natural immunity.  A friend of mine is a
primary teacher and has never caught anything despite being surrounded by
snotty little children every day.  Even as a child she was never sick, and
she has said she was always so envious of her sisters who got to take time
off school for illness.  One sister had - was it scarlet fever? - something
really repulsive and poor Peta just couldn't get it.
My two girls are very close in age, and the elder one got everything going
but the younger one got nothing more than conjunctivitis, and even now she's
never had anything worse than a cold.  Madel couldn't even catch chicken pox
from her sister, and they were in the bath together when I found Katrina's
spots.  Why do some people just not get things?
Georgie who can remember having mumps, chicken pox, measles, german measles,
glandular fever....but not TB.

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