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Natasha said...

I read a fanfic on the Chaletian bulletin board about a Chalet Girl In
Trouble last Sunday, and I cried at the end of that. It was very good, in
case the author is on the list!


Having read the same story, on foot of Natasha's reccommendation...yes, it's
very very good, and yes, it causes decided teariness.

I also have to say, kudos to the author in throwing something so very
"non-CS" into the Chalet School, and making a true Chalet School story of it

Just read this story and wow, I'm really impressed! I don't normally read fanfics much, because I often find the style doesn't match up well, but that one read like a true Chalet story, and covered the more modern issues incredibly well. I think I'll look and see if the author's written any other fanfics, because that is one of the best I've seen (and I include the "filler" books in that!)

Catriona R.

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