Sandra said:
 I know I am going to
have enough trouble stopping people calling my Isabella "Izzy" (shudders).
I have a granddaughter called Isabelle who is always called Issy (pronounced
Izzy).  When she was born I kept quiet like all grandmothers should but was
perturbed at the thought of Issy rather than Belle or Bella but of course it
is part of her now and she is just our Issy.  I guess it was the thought of
Aunt Izzie in WKD.
Oddly enough I have a grandson called McKenzie and everyone (including his
parents) assumed he would be called Mac but this rarely happens, he is
always called by his full name.  His two year old brother Alastair is called
Alec by his parents, which I think is a shame as I love Alastair as a name.
Elaine M

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