hey folks--

I find that git-buildpackage seems to clear the environment in some
cases where dpkg-buildpackage does not.

This results in a problem for some workflows that include the use of
GnuPG when a gpg-agent is running with a different environment than the
build process.

the spot where i've noticed it is:

 * have a gpg-agent set up with no DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS environment
   variable of its own

 * use pinentry-gnome3 as the default pinentry

 * build a package with "gbp buildpackage"

 * have gnupg2 2.1.x instealled

When it comes to the step to sign the .dsc and .changes files, i get a
signature failure with no prompts.

If i use "dpkg-buildpackage" instead, i get a gnome3-based pinentry
prompt and the files get signed.

And if i kill the gpg-agent and restart it with the same socket and a
default dbus environment variable that works with the current session
[0] then even "gpb buildpackage" will work and have signing happen.

So this makes me think that gpb is stripping the environment before
invoking gpg, but i havne't been able to track it down.

any pointers?


[0] restarting the agent from within a running X11 session goes like

  gpg-connect-agent killagent /bye && gpg-connect-agent /bye
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