On Fri, Nov 20, 2015 at 04:39:44PM +0200, Markus Lehtonen wrote:
> Hello,
> I've rebased my patchset(s) at 
> https://github.com/marquiz/git-buildpackage-rpm. The list of branches is the 
> usual:
>   experimental-rpm
>   feature/argparse
>   feature/buildpackage-rpm
>   feature/fixes
>   feature/import-srpm
>   feature/misc
>   feature/pq-rpm
>   feature/python-pkg-resources
> The 'feature/fixes' branch contains few new fixes that should be quite 
> straightforward to merge.

I have pulled

  82999a8ae42477db4c7e2bc6dee7d5f1c3f6c6a0 docs: enable building html docs with 
  1fdb6976b3c32828afa2571cdcc95136f70f9b4f buildpackage-rpm: fix crash when 
creating packaging tags
  ac020c3e104e2057ae8e9e7b5f95dbe9c12f61ef rpm packaging: bump package version 
to 0.7.0

Thanks a lot! I'll try to find some to look into the other stuff but
things are currently piling a bit up here.

I have left out

    tests: update rpm test data submodule to a valid commit

for the moment since it seems I have a valid commit here and I think we
need to rethink the strategy for this submodule. For the deb component
tests I'm keeping everything in HEAD and set up everything from
there. The rpm tests need different commits to function which causes/caused
some breakackge here when pulling in more component tests so I think we
would be better of needing only a single commit like in the deb
case. Would that be doable?

> Have you taken a (fresh) look on the 'feature/argparse' branch? I think I've 
> addressed all the comments.

Skimmed through it but I'll need to find a longer timeslice to review
this in depth.

> Any comments on hte 'feature/misc' branch? That has been around for quite 
> some time but I think it hasn't got any review.

Pulled in one already. The other stuff looks sane too but it adds more
code without tests so I need to find the time to add these before

Cheers and thanks a lot!
 -- Guido
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