* Kai Storbeck <k...@xs4all.nl> [130617 23:24]:
> As an exercise I ran git-dpm linearize to remove the first patch that
> removes COPYING.txt from the root.
> So far so good, "Re'base' -i seems to have been successfull". After
> running git-dpm update-patches, the file COPYING.txt is still missing.
> This file should reappear in the "applied-patches" state, iiuc?

That seems to be a little inconsistency caused by the deleted file
detection code. In a case like that you need to call update-patches
(or to be more precise merge-patched, though that is usually called via
update-patches) with the --ignore-deletions switch.
(if that merge was your last commit, you can regenerate it with
git-dpm checkout-patched ; git checkout master ; git reset --hard HEAD^1
git-dpm update-patches --ignore deletions).

The issue is that without that option git-dpm will keep files deleted
that were deleted in your Debian branch before. (So that one can just
commit the changes a "debian/rules clean" would do to the Debian
branch). The problem is that git-dpm compares the old upstream branch
with the old Debian branch to look for files deleted in the Debian
branch, which fails with files being deleted in the patched branch.
(and the code in question only knows the old upstream branch not the old
patched branch, I'll have to take a look if the information about the
old patched branch can be made available there).

> (Minor detail: Successful is spelled with a single l, attached a patch)

Thanks. English is not my first language and especially that dropping
and readding letters is something I too often get wrong.

        Bernhard R. Link

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