Hi, list!

$ git --version
git version 1.6.0.GIT

$ git gui --version
git-gui version 0.11.GITGUI

I like 'stage hunk for commit' feature in Git Gui, but often it gives
me an error message box:

fatal: git-apply: bad git-diff - inconsistent old filename on line 4

I was not able to deduce a way to reproduce this message. Please
advise on how can I get some more debug info.

First four lines of git-diff on the file in question:

diff --git a/path/file.ext b/path/file.ext
index 85d26de..49fd00f 100644
--- a/path/file.ext
+++ b/path/file.ext

All paths are identical (sorry, can't show them).

Thanks in advance,

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