is it possible to use git (public, private repository) and a
subversion repository parallel?
I know that I can pull/push changes with git svn rebase/git svn
dcommit to an subversion
repository. But how can I also pull/push my local "subversion"
branches/remotes etc.
to a public gitosis repository?

I tried the following:

1. create a local git repository
     git init

2. pull the subversion commits
    git svn init <url> --trunk=trunk --tags=tags --branches=branches --
    git svn fetch

3. creating a local working branch
    git checkout -b svn-release svn-release-local

4. push the local repository to my public gitosis
    git remote add origin <url>
   git push origin ....

And here my problems begin

5. clone gitosis repository to another computer
     git clone <gitosis url>

On this computer I now only can see the master and svn-release-local
branch but non svn branches. Isn't it recommend to use git pull/push
parallel with git-svn?

Thx for helping

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